the photography course that makes sweet love to your gratitude journal

rock your camera  -  document your life  -  get more happy 🙂

Welcome to the photography course that will change your LIFE

Who runs the world? … it’s totally Mama’s

Eeeeee this is so exciting, I have created the most amazing photography adventure for you - Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude!

It's a photography course infused with a daily gratitude practice to get your happy vibes on & to attract more of what you love while learning how to take ahhhhmazing photographs to document YOUR life!

Like, if your camera made sweet love to your gratitude journal...

& birthed super rad, love-filled, visually delicious photographic babies


I was 12 years old when I lost my best friend. It was like any other weekend really. My younger bro was away with our Dad on a sports camp while my Mama, older bro & I did whatever we usually did on a weekend.

Until everything changed in one little moment. My little bro gone. Without warning. Without a goodbye. Without even a last look. One day I was saying "see ya on Sunday bro" & the next... gone.

I started documenting my life when Dad gave me my first camera when I was about 7 or 8. My mama would constantly remind me of the growing cost of my expensive habit. Capturing of rolls upon rolls of film & happily trotting to the local mini lab to get them developed. She thought they were just random snaps. To me it was my art, my moments, my life.

I've always loved the process of photography - I love the creative freedom & the challenge of documenting the moment in a real, natural way, all at the same time.

After that day my life completely changed in just one moment. My Mama asked me for copies of any photographs I had taken of him because she felt as though she didn’t have enough.

She wanted more, needed more.

More of him being naturally him, more of the memories we made together, more of him to remember through the eyes of his big sister who had an unfiltered, playful relationship with him, not just the “stand there like you’re having a great time & put on a nice face so I can send this to Nan” photo.

Being the 3rd child, his collection of childhood photos taken by my parents was pretty thin in comparison. The more mini’s my Mama had, the less the camera would come out.

I know this is true for A HELLA LOT of my friends who have mini's. This makes me so sad. Where is their photographic childhood? Where are the visuals to remind you both of your most incredible life experiences?

Documenting your life's magic is so important.

And photographs are the best way to capture a moment so it can live on forever.

A photograph can show the facts like the location, date, time, who was there, what you were doing, your awesome fashion choices etc. but it can also capture the emotions & feelings & connection that was present in the moment too.

One look at a photograph & you are transported back to that moment, you can actually feel it. Having the most important moments of your life documented for you to relive but also your family, friends but especially for your mini’s & their mini’s & so on.

How awesome is looking through your parents or grandparents photographs & hearing the stories?! Watching them feel the moment & relive it in their minds as they pass their story to you.


But who has the time to take butt loads of photos right?

When you’re running after multiple mini’s, or even just after one, who has the mental capacity to even think about taking photos when you haven’t slept for a week?

Please Mama, don’t let the craziness of mamahood get in the way of taking a photo to document your lives together!! Don’t think “oh I will tomorrow” because that never happens & before you know it it’s been weeks, months, even years.

What if we can integrate taking photos into your everyday life so it doesn’t feel like an added chore?

What if we can use whatever camera we’ve got on hand & go for it confidently in an instant?

What if we can totally rock ANY camera?!

The best camera is ALWAYS the one you have with you at the time, right NOW (you pretty much always have at least your phone with you yeah?), so learn how to rock it & stop making excuses about not having the time to take photographs that document your awesome memories.

Do it for your future self, do it for your mini’s when they are grown up & ask about their childhood, do it for their mini’s & their mini’s & so on.

Leave a photographic legacy for your family.

And not just “look at me & say cheeeese” happy snaps. Let’s create ahhhhhmazing photographic memories. Ones you would be proud to hang on your walls, share with your family & friends, get creative with.

When I was pregnant for the second time my main worry was how do I get through those super shit days with a newborn where I haven’t slept, I can’t figure out what the fuck is wrong with my baby & how to stop the crying, when I’m completely broken & rocking in the fetal position until my husband gets home to take over so I can have a rest before the next feed..?

How the fuck am I supposed to handle those days where I barely function when I have a toddler to look after too?

How do I take care of two mini lives simultaneously without losing my mind?

I knew I needed to create a daily habit to help me flow through both the happy & the shit days so I didn’t yoyo so much yo!

My daughter deserves to have my attention & my presence & my happy, loving, caring, patient self. Bringing a new baby home is a massive adjustment for her too. It’s a fuck load of pressure.

So I decided to start something months before Mini Two arrived. For the past year I had seen a few friends do a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram & I was feeling the pull to do the same but I was always like “hells no, I’m way too busy for that”.

But I realised that once new babe gets here I am going to be twice as busy & didn’t want that to stop me documenting our life. So I knew starting a daily habit ASAP was the key because I didn’t want to have a bajillion photos of my first born then a few left over scraps here & there for my second.

Being a photographer & passionate about documenting & celebrating life this makes me sooooo sad when I hear of parents saying how their consecutive mini’s don’t have nearly as many photographic memories as their first’s do. So this made perfect sense to me starting this challenge the year that was going to be our biggest & most memorable yet.

So I started off thinking of just taking a documentary style photo every day but felt like I needed another layer. I had just started learning more about mindset & how having a daily gratitude practice dramatically increases your happy, your health & your world for the better. So I decided the theme for that first year would be gratitude. I quickly found that finding things to be grateful for everyday has a fuck load of kick-ass side effects!

There are some pretty kick-ass side effects of rocking gratitude:

  • more energy
  • less anxiety & depression
  • higher emotional intelligence
  • the ability to forgive more easily
  • feeling more socially connected
  • fewer headaches
  • better sleep

Who wouldn't want more of that sweet stuff right?!

I started my photo-a-day in gratitude journey when I was pregnant with our second mini babe. I knew after going through pregnancy & newborn life with our first that mamahood is tough. Like SUPER tough.

You have super awesome days & you have super not awesome days. And the latter can start to pull you down into a big old funky mess for days, weeks or even years.

Looking for gratitude daily, especially in the not so amazeballs days, will help you to bring on more of the magical moments so you can be a happier & healthier YOU.

    Beautiful Mama, don’t waste another day
    not taking photos & not documenting your life!

    When YOU are happier & healthier & finding gratitude all over the place, it radiates through & onto everyone around you inspiring others to get their happy on too.

    Are you ready to get on the gratitude train to focus on what makes you happy & to create a library of super rad photographs documenting your life?!

    Then you are in the right place <3

    Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude is FOR YOU if…

    • You want to document your life - the whole crazy beautiful chaotic magical mess to leave a photographic legacy for your mini babes
    • You want to tap into what makes YOU happy, feel more connected, feel more energized & in love with your life
    • You want to learn how to use your camera specifically for documenting your life, especially capturing your mini’s in the moment, just as they are
    • Learn only what you need to know of your camera to create beautiful, emotive, connected photographs that document your mini’s & your life
    • You want to get out of auto mode & to get your creative on

    This course is NOT for peeps who…

    • Want to learn every single function of their camera
    • Don’t want to commit to easily incorporating taking photos into their daily life
    • Don’t want their lives & the lives of those around them to change for the better, i.e. happier, healthier, more connected & easily welcome more moments to be grateful for

    Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude is a 2 week course that combines the tech side of photography (only the parts you absolutely need to know in easy to follow steps) infused with a daily gratitude practice.

    Let’s start rocking our gratitude together & create some super awesome photographic memories along the way!

    Don’t let your camera sit, unused or worse still living a life on AUTO (& that goes for you too!)

    Jump in & share the love, change your world & the ones of those around you so they can filter it out even further.

    Let’s breed love, connection & gratitude out into our planet.

    With gratitude,

    x Paula x